Aunt Sandy's Medical Marijuana Cookbook
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About Sandy Moriarty

Sandy Moriarty has had a passion for the culinary arts since she was a teenager. In 1974 she began baking cannabis "edibles" to help relieve her brother of chronic pain. 

Over the years she perfected her methods and recipes and with the passage of California's groundbreaking medical marijuana initiative, Proposition 215 in 1996, began creating top-notch medicine for California patients. She has crafted hundreds of cannabis-infused recipes over the past two decades, notable for their potency and lack of grassy, chlorophyl flavor found in other cannabis dishes.

Currently she prepares her dishes for a select group of medical marijuana dispensing collectives in Northern California, is the Professor of Culinary Arts at Oaksterdam University, and the mother of three wonderful daughters. 

"Aunt Sandy's foods truly relieve pain in the body, mind, and soul. Her warmth and compassion shines through in her recipes"- Dennis Peron, author Proposition 215

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