Aunt Sandy's Medical Marijuana Cookbook
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"Like so many other cookbook authors, Sandy Moriarty included recipes for a variety of foods including desserts, appetizers and entrees. But Moriarty's recipes include what she calls a special "magic ingredient".."

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-ABC News Medical Unit


"Aunt Sandy's Medical Marijuana Cookbook: Comfort Food For Body and Mind, which will help you do just that, is a beautiful thing. Not only does it just feel "right" as you hold it, it is one of the most gorgeously produced books I've seen in a long, long, time..."

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-Toke of the Town


"She's been known to add cannabis to just about any dish, from sweet lemon bars topped with powdered sugar to a stuffed turkey dinner she calls the Dizzy Bird."

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"She has the component's preparation [for her cannabutter] down to a science, including being able to infuse butter so that it has various levels of potency."

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-New York Daily News


"Cannabis Pesto Anyone?"

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-Animal New York
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